Aloha Friday Photo: Spouting Horn

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Mahalo to Laura and Marco from Milan, Italy for sharing this excellent photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos.

Here’s what our Italian friends shared about their photo of Spouting Horn, one of Hawaii’s best blowholes:

We arrived to  Kauai the day  before Hurricane Iselle hit the Hawai’i islands. No damages in Kauai, but lots of rain and flash flooding.

Just after “Iselle” left the area, we visited the...
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How to see the sea cliffs of Molokai

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The majestic, tall cliffs of Molokai

Did you know that the Hawaiian Island of Molokai is home to the tallest sea cliffs in the world? These magnificent cliffs tower between 3,600 and 3,900 feet above the ocean per

Molokai’s sea cliffs are located on the remote, north side of the island. You can’t really drive to see them as...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Oahu North Shore Rainbow

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Mahalo to Ken Mulse for sharing this beautiful Oahu rainbow photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Here’s the story behind Ken’s photo that he took in August:

I caught this photo on the North Shore on the way to Sharks Cove on Sunday. Hope you like it as much as I do!

We sure do like it, Ken. This shot makes...
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What to know about vacation in Hawaii in November

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november in hawaii

If you are considering a Hawaii vacation in November, you may want to examine all the important factors, such as weather, costs, crowds and special events. We’ll look at each of those factors in detail to help you decide whether November is the best month for your visit to Hawaii.

What’s the weather like in Hawaii in November?

Hawaii’s weather is almost always very...
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Aloha Friday Photo: A “fairway” to enjoy a winter day

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Mahalo to Tom Sakiyama for sharing this gorgeous photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Here’s Tom’s description of this shot:

Last January while our neighbors endured an especially cold and snowy winter in St Louis, we were dining in the open air bar of Roy’s Ko’Olina overlooking the 18th fairway of the Ko’Olina Golf Club.

If given a choice, we’d take a view of warm...
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Hawaii vacation deals & news: October 7, 2014

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* The travel agency Pleasant Holidays is advertising a Hawaii January Vacation Sale with with a free convertible, SUV, minivan or luxury rental car. See more details here.

* If you want to visit Maui on the cheap, this hotel deal for $79 per night at the 2.5-star Maui Beach Hotel, looks like it’s worth considering.

* Folks in Hawaii are discussing...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Beginning the day with a Kauai sunrise

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Mahalo to Tana Eubanks from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for sharing this gorgeous Kauai sunrise photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos.

Here’s what Tana shared about her photo that she took back in August:

Captured this beautiful sunrise from the east side of Kauai, near Kapaa this week. It was the first time I got up to see the sunrise, & couldn’t believe the wonderful feeling...
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Hawaii rainfall chart by month and island

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As we’ve been working through our detailed month-by-month series to help you choose the best month for you to visit Hawaii, weather is certainly an important factor. Many times, we’ve referenced’s excellent database of Hawaii of rainfall averages, however simply listing a single month’s rainfall data point by island, didn’t provide enough context to our liking. To remedy this issue, we’ve aggregated the rainfall data to provide a single chart.


Notes about the data:

– For simplicity, this chart only shows the four major islands....
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Aloha Friday Photo: Kiholo Bay Aerial

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10476356_1505838542985025_5875129784814889602_o (1)

Mahalo to Hawaii By Air Photography for sharing this photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos.

What an amazing view of the turquoise sea meeting the Big Island’s shoreline at this stunningly beautiful Kohala Coast spot.

Happy Aloha Friday!

© Go Visit Hawaii – Republication of this entire post is prohibited without prior permission. Using extracts of less than 100...
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Nounou Mountain, Kauai’s Sleeping Giant

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sleeping giant kauai

Nounou Mountain – Sleeping Giant

As you drive around the island of Kauai, the beautiful, green mountains towards the island’s center are always pleasantly eye-catching. One ridge that’s particularly interesting is Nounou Mountain, which appears to have the profile of a sleeping giant. In fact, the mountain is more commonly dubbed Sleeping Giant.

Per, the Hawaiian legend of Nounou Mountain is:

… this giant was tricked by villagers into eating a vast amount of rocks hidden in fish...
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