41st Annual Maui Marathon 2011

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Aloha Gang,

The Tiki Team of Maui Island Activities would like to wish all of you a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Time to spend some time outdoors enjoying the beautiful island of Maui. Be sure to check out our activities page to try something fun this weekend!

Today we want to tell you about the upcoming Maui Marathon. It’s slated for the weekend of September 16th to the 18th. It’s an event that many runners look forward to. Be sure to join in on the celebration. Here is a listing of the...
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Surfing – Coolest Dog In the World

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This video comes to you from Zapiks which is a website of some of the coolest surf videos around. This one features a dog that is all about surfing, snow-boarding, skate-boarding, etc. It’s amazing to watch!

While our surf lessons are not geared toward teaching dogs how to surf, we will definitely be able to teach YOU how to catch your first wave, or if you already have some skills, we’ll be able to get you out into the Maui waves and teach you some tips and tricks to strengthen your...
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Surfing – Do You Like Barrels?

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Hi Gang,

Here’s a video from Hugues Oyarzabal that is all about the beauty of surfing barrels.

Maui Island Activities offers surfing for beginners, but we also have something we call “Surfing Safari” which is meant for the more advanced surfer. This is not only a surf lesson, but a surfing experience. Surf Safari is a four hour activity. You will be taken to some of Maui’s best surf spots. Price is $250 for one. For two or more people the price is $199 per person.

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Discover the Underwater World of Maui

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maui snorkeling

Maui’s tropical beauty is most definitely amazing to see… hiking through the rainforests, discovering beach after beach of gorgeous soft sand and blue waters… But, remember…. what you see under the water is just as beautiful as what you see on dry land. It’s the blissful summertime, when Maui waters are at their warmest. Perfect time to go snorkeling! Let’s head out for an early morning kayak tour and snorkeling along some of Maui’s most beautiful coastlines.

Kayaking is a ton of fun, and...
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Maui Farmers’ Markets

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Maui Farmers Market

Many people come to Maui for the sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, incredible Maui snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, hiking… and to also experience the foods of Maui. You’ll be sure to find fruit stands that dot the roadsides. Maui is abundant with fruit, such as guava, mango, papaya, apple banana, pineapple… all so sweet and delicious from the Maui sun.

Here is a listing of Maui Farmers’ Markets where you will find locally and organically grown fruits and vegetables....
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Maui Weather

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Maui Weather

We often are asked what the weather is like during certain months of the year here in Maui. Although we can’t predict the weather of the future since Mother Nature has a mind all her own, we can tell you what Maui weather is typically like throughout the year. This may help you plan for your next trip to Maui.

Summary of Average Monthly Weather for Maui Hawaii

Maui does have a winter, which is characteristically a bit cooler and rainier than the other seasons. January...
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Hawaiian Poke – Ahi Tuna Recipe

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Last week we told you about Hawaiian poi, and this week we bring you a tasty recipe that would go along really well with your poi.  Give this one a try…

Hawaiian Poke - Ahi Tuna Recipe











Hawaiian Poke – Ahi Tuna Recipe
From Chef Jason Hill

Here is a version of Hawaiian poke which comes out pretty tasty.  It’s not your traditional Hawaiian poke recipe, but it’s a tasty version.

1 1/2 lb. of fresh ahi tuna (sushi grade).  Rinse the fish with cool water.  Pat dry with a paper towel.  Dice the...
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Maui Snorkeling Sighting: Moray Eel

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moray eel maui

The moray eel has quite a reputation for its dangerous-looking teeth, snake-like body and elusive characteristics.  Many snorkelers and scuba divers in Maui often get very excited when seeing the moray eel.  Many people become a little frightened because of their looks… large mouths and menacing teeth, but the moray eel is not known to be aggressive.  Although menacing-looking, these creatures are quite incredible when you consider their bizarre adaptations to the coral reef and even more bizarre reproductive system.

The Hawaiian name for the moray eel is puhi...
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Maui Snorkeling Sighting: Butterflyfish

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maui snorkeling butterflyfish

Another common fish you will see while snorkeling on Maui is the butterflyfish (lau-lau and lau-wiliwili in Hawaiian).  These brightly colors, disk-shaped fish got their name from resembling the wings of a butterfly, especially since they often appear in pairs.  The ancient Hawaiians named the fish lau-lau and lau-wiliwili since to them they resembled the leaves (lau) of a tree.  It was especially the wiliwili and the hau trees in which these fish found their name, since the leaves of these trees are flat and oval...
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Maui Snorkeling Sighting – Parrotfish (Uhu)

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Maui snorkeling parrotfish

Snorkeling is voted as one of Maui’s top activities enjoyed by locals and visitors to the island. What you will find under the surface of the water is coral reef which is home to many interesting species of underwater creatures. There is the parrotfish, which is easily spotted because of its rather large size and coloration… and its distinctive mouth which resembles that of a parrot, but with a full set of teeth.

The parrotfish is a beautiful fish with some bizarre characteristics....
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