Lahaina Grill! Delighting Maui Diners for 20 Years

Posted in Food & Dining on September 23rd, 2010

As Editor of What’s Cooking Maui I’m often asked which of Maui’s dining venues is my personal favorite.  If you are looking for elegance, ambiance and great food my consistently reply? Lahaina Grill.

My choice comes as no surprise, since Lahaina Grill is named the Top Restaurant in Maui year after year in multiple dining polls. They even secured a berth recently on Open Table’s 50 Best Restaurant list nationally. Competing with dozens of big cities having dozens of great eateries each, being named to this list is impressive.

Lahaina Grill Maui

What makes Lahaina Grill so great? Simply put, it’s the quality of the food, service, and ambiance. Owner, Jurg Munch, imparts a classy, cosmopolitan flair to the Lahaina dining room with a graciousness that is reflected by his entire staff. It’s not just about being friendly; that’s common place in Hawaii. At Lahaina Grill dining becomes an experience. Not stuffy, not haute, simply exceptional.  Jurg and company’s staff is well-trained, well-versed and knows the difference between being attentive and obtrusive; a rarity in the islands.  Then there’s the food.

The menu is similarly superb and includes multiple dishes that regulars crave equally. Take the incredible Rack of Lamb, always cooked to perfection; or the glamorous Opakapaka with Grilled Prawn, heavenly in texture, sauce and flavor. Even a dish that is routine in other hands, Penne and Meatballs, is elevated here with impeccable balance and richness.

Lahaina Grill Kona Coffee Rack of Lamb

Salads, what is often a mere nod to getting your vitamins, are prepared at Lahaina Girll with the same attention to detail as everything else, resulting in a starter course you should never forgo when dining here. As for appetizers, what foodie would go to the grave without having tried the Ahi with Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Dalmatia Fig at least once? This is also one of the few places on Maui that serves exceptional Kobe Beef Carpaccio and Fried Oliver Gray Oysters, dusted first with cornmeal, then highlighted with fennel endive, horseradish cream, ancho-chile glaze and topped with lilikoi mustard sauce. If savoring flavor is your thing, this dish will be among your favorites.

There’s no denying – the tab is pricey at Lahaina Grill. As with all things great things that rarely come cheap, one needs an appreciation to pop for a night out here. The good news for the unconvinced and seasoned fans alike —  for a limited time only you can treat your palate to a limited menu for only $20 per entrée!

Sit at the bar (the best place to dine, if you ask me) by 6 pm, Sunday – Thursdays and order one of the following for only $20, leaving you plenty leftover to indulge in one of Lahaina Grill’s utterly amazing desserts.

Lahaina Grill

  • Tequila Shrimp & Firecracker Rice
  • Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Kalua Duck
  • Roasted Shelton Farms All Natural Chicken
  • Marcho Farms Veal “Osso Buco”
  • Certified Angus Beef Braised Short Ribs

Reservations are recommended. This special is offered from September through December 19, 2011. For more info please call 808.667.5117 or visit

Also recently announced, the grand re-opening of the Lahaina Inn! Next time you dine at Lahaina Grill for a big night out, order that special bottle of wine then check into the Lahaina Inn.

Lahaina Grill on Urbanspoon

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NASA May Be Taking Bruddah Iz To Space

Posted in Music on September 23rd, 2010

Yes, you read it right. NASA may be taking Israel Kamakawiwo’ole into space starting November 2010. NASA will be launching Discovery on the STS-133 mission. During the mission the crew members will do a variety of tasks including providing critical spare components to the International Space-station. This will be the 35th shuttle mission to the station. The STS-133 crew members this time around are Commander Steven Lindsey, Pilot Eric Boe and Mission Specialists Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Tim Kopra and Nicole Stott. (photo credit: NASA)

So what does this have to do with Bruddah Iz? Each morning the crew members are awaken with a pre-selected song to start their day. For this mission NASA has compiled a list of all the the wake up songs and communications to the shuttle crew from the Mission Control Center during past missions and has asked the public to vote on the song they should use for this mission. Bruddah Iz has made the list. Should he get the most votes he’ll be sweetly singing Over The Rainbow each and every morning for the crew members.

NASA has set up a page for this project where you can vote for the song you think they should use for mission STS-133. You can also stop by just to check in on who is in the lead. Voting will close on Nov.1, 2010 but you can still drop by the web-page and see who won. So far there are 1,737,414 Total Votes with, believe it or not, the Star Trek Theme Song in the lead with 27.1 of the votes. The song list contains 40 songs and Bruddah Iz is currently in 5th place with Magic Carpet Ride, Blue Sky, and Countdown by Rush ahead of him in the poles. Some of the song selections I found to be great picks and some just down right odd. Could you imagine rising every morning to Enter Sandman by Metallica? I am sure starting your day with the sounds and presence of Aloha is the way to go, even in space.

If you are interested in having your say, you can easily do so, it takes about 20 seconds, here:

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HiLife Jubilee – Waterfront at Aloha Tower

Posted in Events on August 14th, 2010

HiLife Jubilee

Top Shelf & Island 98.5 present HiLife’s Jubilee “It’s all about the music” performing live on stage Hawaii’s Hottest Groups! JBoog, The Green, Kolohe Kai, and Yoza.

Tons of giveaways from HiLife and Butigroove
Party people 21 & Over Welcome
Doors open at 7:30pm
Pre-sale $20.00 or $25.00 at the door

Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 7:30 PM
The Waterfront at the Aloha Tower Marketplace

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Roller Derby Scrimmage Fundraiser for SK808

Posted in Events on July 30th, 2010

The skaters of Pacific Roller Derby (Pacific) invite Oahu’s derby fans to the Nerds vs. Prom Queens Scrimmage and Fundraiser held at The Hideaway Bar at the US Coast Guard Air Station at Barber’s at 4:30pm on Saturday, August 7. The $5 admission fee directly supports Pacific’s rollergirls as they prepare for the 3rd Annual SK808 Tournament, a unique event that welcomes the skaters from the mainland and beyond to participate in a pick-up style tournament that features hard core, heavy hitting, all female flat-track roller derby in the heart of Honolulu at the Neal Blaisdell Arena in January 2011.

Pacific’s themed scrimmage and fundraiser will feature Oahu’s favorite skaters such as BeatHer Bailey, Bella de Brawl, and Malice in Wonderland dressed in their finest prom and nerd inspired uniforms as the local derby girls compete to see who has the grace and panache to shed some blood and reign supreme on the roughly paved, skin shredding concrete. The league’s newest skaters, Ace Wenchura, Whips n’ Salsa, A-Bomb, Dirty Karry, and Serial Skrapist will also make their debut at the Hideaway’s caged flat-track. Fans can look forward to live music by Higher Ground, a bbq and bake sale, shave ice, and the opportunity to drop a derby girl in the dunk tank. Derby fans can also look forward to the much anticipated opportunity to buy merchandise that features the league’s new logo.

Pacific’s Hideaway scrimmages are family friendly events, though the bar welcomes fans aged 18+ after sunset. The first whistle blows promptly at 4:30 at the tennis courts outside the USCG Air Station’s Hideaway Bar, at 1 Coral Sea Street in Barber’s Point. Fans without a military ID must RSVP at the league’s website by Wednesday, August 4th, for entry onto the base. For further questions and inquiries, and to learn more about the upcoming SK808 event or how to become involved with Oahu’s premier roller derby league, fans are encouraged to visit

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing & Shipping Surfboards

Posted in Surfing on July 20th, 2010

Surfboard’s Idiot’s Guide to Packing & Shipping Surfboards is perfect for the budget surfer who doesn’t mind spending a bit more time packing their surfboard. For those that have the cash and want to save on time you can always pad your surfboard with the same foam shown below and buy one of those durable surfboard bags instead.

You can pick up all the necessary packing supplies at your local shipping, packing, or surfboard supply store for around $40.

Surfboard Shipping & Packing

Surfboard Packing List:

Surfboard box
Packing tape
Plastic bagging
Packing foam (sheets)
Bubble wrap (optional)
Utility knife

Step 1: Cut off the boxes’ excess length. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you only cut one end of the box so you preserve one set of folding flaps (used to seal the box – see photo below).

How much excess should I cut off?

Step 2: You’ll want about 2" of space on each end of the box from the nose and tail of your board and the extra space needed to cut the folding flaps on one the end. Measure the height of the existing flaps to see how much extra you’ll need before you cut the excess off the other end.

Step 3: Once you’ve downsized your box on one side only), cut your folding flaps on the end you just cut.

Step 4: Tear your foam strips into 24 inch wide sheets so each sheet can be folded in half.

Step 5: Slip your surfboards into a plastic bag which will prevent them from getting that nasty adhesive residue left by packing tape then cinch both ends of the plastic bag either with tie wraps or a knot.

Step 6: Wrap both ends with packing tape so your board doesn’t move around in the plastic bag.

Step 7: Fold a 24 inch wide foam sheet in half and tape to the top of the board that will sit on the bottom of the box.

Step 8: Place your second board directly on top (make sure your second board also has its own plastic bag) and tape the two boards together.

Step 9: Take your 24 inch wide foam sheet and fold in half once again. Wrap the rails of BOTH boards with your sheet of foam and packing tape and make sure that the foam wraps around both boards so that the top and bottom of your ‘board sandwich’ are protected.

Step 10: Take another 24 inch wide foam sheet and begin wrapping the nose and tail as shown in the photo below.

Step 11: Fold in half and tape down the extra foam sheets to the top and bottom of your boards.

Step 12: Insert your packed ‘board sandwich’ into the box and stuff both ends of the box with shirts, jackets, towels, or extra foam/bubble wrap. Make sure that you’ve padded the box so that your board doesn’t move around.

Step 13: Seal the box with packing tape and be sure to use one of those red fragile stickers.

Secret Tip: I highly recommend using a handle bar to carry your box through the airport. You can buy something similar at the store but I actually make my handle bar out of tape (see photos below).

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